Advertisement & Promotional Content

Los Angeles, Ca

Product advertisement

Do you want to create marketable video/photo content to further expose your products to your customers? Maybe you have prospects that are on the fence that don't fully understand the value of your product. You will need a strong representation of how your product can benefit your consumers livelihood. If your goal is to close more sales, contact us for consultation so we can figure out the best way to express your vision.

Entrepreneur Clothing Brands

From a start up to experience clothing brand outlets, we provide exceptional content to help further push your brand through social media. We are able to outsource models/ locations/ and strategic marketing campaign to help reach your ideal target audience.

Personal Branding

Are you interested in updating your modeling and acting pro-folio? Contact us so we can help you stand out from the pack with your own unique style and flare.

About me

I’m Kass Albert a Content Creator with 5+ years of experience in portraiture & video creation. B.A degree in Mass Communication (Marketing). My goal is to make your vision come to life! I’m happy to adjust my style to your tastes, as we work together to get the perfect shot.